Why learn sun salutations?

This flowing series of postures is often used as a warm-up in yoga classes, but it can be intimidating for those who may be new to yoga. In this e-course, we will walk (or sit!) through a few different ways to practice these poses to find one that feels safe and supported for your body. 

Try it with props ...

Two yoga blocks and one or two blankets can make a big difference in supporting your body.

... or without ...

Try a traditional Sun Salutation (or a variation of one you might see in a vinyasa yoga class).

... or even a chair or the wall

Find support, make space for your unique shape, and deepen your connection to your body.

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These courses are not intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy or individual yoga therapy. Please consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine. Reach out to us at insightmadison.com if you would like to be aligned with a yoga therapist or licensed counselor if you live in the state of Wisconsin.